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Hotel Casa de Campo is located in route I-90, which brings together the cities of San Fernando and Santa Cruz, in the sixth region of Chile. Downtown Santa Cruz is about 4 kilometers away from the hotel, giving this place a privilege view to Apalta Valley, with its vines hanging down the hills


The hotel´s huge garden offers the guests the possibility of walk around and admires the valley from different angles, at the same time it gives them the unique smells of the countryside: fruit in the summer, or the smell after an intense rain in the winter.

The construction of the hotel is around the old tenant’s house, which is over 100 years old. This house had survived the past earthquakes, being the one in 2010 the one that left some scars in the wall of the tenant´s house.


The construction of the other rooms in the hotel started in 2012, taking all the considerations of the Chilean traditional architecture, which includes inside halls, smooth walls and roof tiles. In this building are set 8 rooms, around 30mt2 each, with an amazing view to the garden of the hotel and Apalta Valley.


During winter, each room has a radiator heating system and common spaces are warmed with fireplaces that invite to have a nice glass of wine while you enjoy the cousy environment of Colchagua.


In 2016, when the new administration arrived, Hotel Casa de Campo included new services to improve de staying of the guests: better free spaces with rocking sofas, terraces, tables, bar, and living rooms providing warmth in every corner. Bike rental, massages in the room or tour coordination can also be requested by the guests during check in or in the reservation stage.


Being in Colchagua without having wines around is almost impossible. That why Hotel Casa de Campo offers the “Campo Cellar”, a place where the guests can choose and buy wines according to their preference, in a big selection of brands and vines that keep on growing every day.



Spending a summer afternoon reading a book and having a glass of wine, or getting tan with a refreshing pool by the side, admire the vines and watching the growth of the grapes on them, or watching the wild rabbits jumping in the garden at dawn are all things that can be done in Hotel Casa de Campo. The terraces – perfectly arranged- allow guests to rest relax and enjoy the environment, the cooking and the good service.

But if the guests want to go out, they can rent some bikes available in the hotel and go exploring the corners of Colchagua Valley, Apalta Valley and lots of places nearby.



The warmness and couzyness is the great attribute in Hotel Casa de Campo. The owners- Andrea and Giancarlo- leader a nice and whiling team (very typical characteristic of the countryside Chilean people), who offers the guests all the available services and every day, they are trying to find solutions so that every visitor in Hotel Casa de Campo feels like home.

The steamy fresh handmade bread in the morning, the intense yellow color in the scramble eggs and the sweetness in every bite of the Chilean pastry gives the guest the energy needed to go and explore every bit of Colchagua. All the family working at Hotel Casa de Campo is in constant care of the details, so the experience of our guest can be unforgettable, from the beginning to the end.

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