Lifestyle and culture of our hotel

Hotel Casa de Campo is located on the I-90 road that connects the cities of San Fernando and Santa Cruz, in the sixth region of Chile. Its location, about four kilometers from the center of Santa Cruz, allows this place to have a privileged view of the Apalta Valley, with its vines hanging vertiginously from the slopes of the hills.


Its immense garden offers the passenger the possibility of touring and admiring the valley from different angles, along with delivering the typical aromas of the countryside: the smell of fruit in the summer or the smell after an intense rain in winter.

The construction of the hotel is around the old house of the tenant who, with its more than 100 years old, has survived the great earthquakes of our country, being the year 2010 the last one that left some trizaduras in the walls of this house .

The construction of the remaining rooms took place in 2012, taking into consideration the architecture of the traditional Chilean house, with corridors, smooth walls and tiles on the ceilings. In this building there are 8 rooms, of around 30 m2 each, with a majestic view of the hotel gardens and the valley of Apalta.

In winter, each room has heating through radiators and common spaces are heated with fireplaces, which invite you to have a glass of wine while enjoying the Colchagua heat.

In 2016, with the arrival of the new administration, Hotel Casa de Campo incorporated new services for passengers: spaces were enhanced with armchairs, rocking chairs, terraces, chairs and tables to provide greater warmth in all places. Likewise, bicycle and massage rental services were enabled, which may be required by the passenger at the time of booking or once at the hotel.

Being in the Colchagua Valley without having wines is almost impossible. For this reason, Hotel Casa de Campo offers its passengers its Cava de Campo, where they can choose and buy wines according to their preference, in a wide range of varieties that grows every day.


Spend a summer afternoon sitting reading a book with a glass of red wine, sunbathing with a refreshing pool, admiring the vines and the growth of the grape or watching the rabbits jumping at dawn in the gardens are things that can be done in Hotel Cottage. The terraces, perfectly equipped, allow passengers to rest, relax and enjoy the scenery, cuisine and good service.

Similarly, you can rent bicycles available at the Hotel and know the corners of the Colchagua Valley, Apalta Valley and many other places that are worth knowing.


The warmth is the great attribute that highlights the Casa de Campo Hotel. Its owners - Andrea and Giancarlo - lead a team of people who, with the kind and temperate character of the people of the Chilean countryside, offer the passenger all the available services and also constantly seek to provide solutions for those who visit the hotel to feel like in his house.

The steaming bread dough in the morning, the intense yellow of scrambled eggs and the sweetness in each bite of the Chilean pastry shop provide the passenger with the necessary energy so he can get to know all the corners of Colchagua. The whole family of Hotel Casa de Campo constantly worries about the details in order to make the stay of the passenger unforgettable from beginning to end.

8.7 Valorado por los clientes